Sunday, January 02, 2005

A little progress

Ok, it's still the first day on which I am holding myself accountable for my resolutions, but I'd just like to note that it is 10:14 p.m., and:

1. Face is washed! Very exciting.

2. More importantly, tonight's dinner was a simple but hearty turkey chili, made by me sans recipe. I thought about it a minute, looked at a cookbook or two for some ideas, then shut them and put them away. I sauteed an onion and several garlic cloves, then added the ground turkey to brown, and seasoned it liberally with some Texas Meat Rub, cumin and cayenne. Then I added a can each of kidney and black beans (rinsed) and a large can of plum tomatoes, juice included. I brought it to a simmer, seasoned it some more --- added black pepper, more cayenne and lots more cumin --- then left it to simmer while I made corn bread. (For baking, I'm allowed to follow recipes, given the science involved.) About 40 minutes later, with the addition of a small amount of grated Monterey jack, we had chili.

The big lesson here is that I know what to do --- I just need to think about it instead of blindly following directions. Now, to bed and, alas, back to the work week.