Saturday, February 05, 2005

Catching up

Sorry for the long gaps in bloggage; once I felt better earlier this week, I dove into catch-up mode at work and haven't had time for much else. Umm, except for staying out until 1:30 last night. Not sure exactly how that happened - we went out for sushi with H. and J., and were engrossed in conversation as the restaurant emptied out.

So we headed over to the wine bar, downed a bottle of pinot noir and promptly ordered another. When the wine bar started emptying out (notice a theme here?), we wandered back to the car, and Darren realized he wasn't in the best driving shape. So we drove the few short blocks to H. and J.'s place, then hung out there for an hour, drinking water and discussing our new collective obsession, The Wire. If you haven't seen it, I urge you to run to the video store and pick up the first season; it's Sopranos-quality television, with great, complex characters and a very suspenseful story line. Not to mention a very attractive tortured-Irish-cop lead actor in Dominic West.

This morning we're about to head to Portland, so I can spend an hour at work organizing the resumes that have been flooding my inbox since I posted our ad for a writer, then we're heading to an early matinee of Million Dollar Baby, which Darren saw last weekend while I was sick under the condition that he see it again with me.

So, to get back to a request that popped up while I was sick: AJR wanted to know how Jelly is doing, and the answer is "most excellently." She got a clean bill of health from the vet last weekend; her UTI has cleared up and so she's off all her meds except the cyclosporin eye drops, which she'll need forever. Since her ear infection went away, we've discovered that she can hear a bit more than we'd thought, though still not a heck of a lot. She's also a bit more spry than we first thought, and it seems that the warmer the weather is, the more likely she is to try coming up the stairs onto the deck.

Interestingly, the dog who stands at the bottom of the stairs inside and barks if we dare to visit the second floor without her has been found a few times snuggled up on her bed in our bedroom (on the second floor) when we've been gone for a few hours. So she is certainly capable of more climbing than she lets us know.

She's still pacing in the night, but she's getting much better at soothing herself back to sleep (just like a baby!). We're trying to avoid letting her on the bed with us, since she snores something fierce. I can sleep through it, but it keeps Darren awake for hours.

I still owe Anita the recipe for my portabella rosemary risotto, which I promise to post by the end of the weekend. Now, it's off to work and the movies.