Saturday, January 22, 2005

Soon to be snowed in

So it's late January in New England, and the snow-every-few-days pattern has just recently kicked in. It was glorious at first, especially when twice in a row the day after was sunny and calm, so the shoveling had a friendly, hi-neighbor feel about it, rather than being pure drudgery. This week's storm, 4-6 inches of light, fluffy powder, was beautiful coming down and easy to shovel... especially when The Best Neighbor Ever cleared our driveway with his snowblower while we were still sleeping.

Then came the gawdawful cold. The best news we got this week, weatherwise, was when the forecast predicted "warmer weather: 5 above for the high." Right.

And now the storm that was supposed to pass us by -- that was supposed to dump on Baltimore (hi Ginga!), DC and NY, where they can't handle a little white stuff, then graze Boston and Portland and head out to sea -- is Headed Our Way. We're expecting at least a foot, with gale-force winds and assorted other dangerous weather features.

So, it's time for some carbs and meat. My sister and her man, and Lucy their crazy pooch, are coming over for potato gnocchi with bolognese sauce and a viewing of Spinal Tap tonight. (They live a mile away, so the snow shouldn't be too much of an issue.) And I've got a lovely looking tamale casserole, full of beef, tomatoes and chiles, planned for tomorrow night. And all of this after F. and S. (of the chicken party) cooked us warm, rich mac and cheese and chocolate pudding last night.

As I mentioned to Ginga, who just received a lovely batch of real Florida citrus, I think in the midst of all this heavy, hearty fare, scurvy might be about to set in. So perhaps we'll have some oranges and dark chocolate for dessert. And that, to me, is just about the best way to enjoy a proper snowstorm.

Hope you and yours are warm!