Sunday, January 30, 2005

Still alive (barely)

Yep, this is definitely the flu. Not sure why that makes me feel so satisfied, but some googling convinced me that what I have ain't no garden variety bug, but The Flu itself. Today was Day Four of endless hours spent on the couch, endless tissues crumpled, endless trips taken to the bathroom from the endless glasses of water, juice and tea I've been swallowing. I'm definitely improving, but so slowly as to be almost imperceptible.

So I decided not to go to work tomorrow. I am really weak - though the brain haze seems finally to have lifted - and I just can't imagine being able to act like a grown up and sit up all day. I can get done what I absolutely need to at home, and keep my germy self out of the office. AND I can take refuge on the couch when I need to. This is really out of character for me, which makes me think that I must be sick. Because when have I ever lolled around for five straight days, with no desire to get up and do anything?

I also happen to have a doctor's appointment - for a physical - tomorrow morning, which I will definitely keep. It sounds exhausting, but at least I can get advice on when to return to work (answer: before they send state troopers to my house to drag me out) and what will probably be some non-answers on dealing with poor circulation in hands and feet (a particular problem when you have chills all the frickin' time), migraines and a funny mole on my cheek. At least the last one will merit a referral.

Ok, I am spiraling into complete self-absorption here... such are the ways of the bedridden, with nothing to do other than read, watch TV and try unsuccessfully to nap. Darren's got some spaghetti and meatballs going - my first real meal. Exciting.