Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday night gerunds

Craving: Sleep. In such a desperate way that I wonder what in jebus' name I am doing awake at 9:38 pm, when I could be snoozing in my very own bed. Ess did really well on this whole trip... well, with the exception of the drive down (the screaming, oh the screaming) and the whole "sleeping at night in the pack & play" thing. I was up at least five times each night -- even after I gave up on the pack & play, sent D out to the futon and took her into bed with me. I have no idea what was going on, but I'm hoping it will not happen again tonight.

The lack of ethnic and racial diversity here. Yesterday my mom and I took Ess shopping at a big outlet mall 20 minutes from my parents' house (two outlet malls in one week -- you'd think I actually liked shopping!), and in just two hours she was exposed to more diversity than she likely will be in entire years of her life here. I love the hubub when all these cultures meet -- in the Gap, no less -- and we need to make a serious effort to expose Ess to all of it.

Wondering: Why Motherhood -- a store whose only market is pregnant and lactating women -- does not have a changing table in the bathroom. (Oh, and Kate? You were totally right about shopping with a grandmother in tow -- it's a whole new world!)

Appreciating: The family restrooms at the rest areas on the Mass Pike.

Disbelieving: The fact that Jelly fell all the way down the stairs to my parents' basement not once but twice over the weekend and has absolutely nothing wrong with her. I saw her go the first time -- she was sniffing around the kitchen, wandered out to the landing, then, because her eyesight is so bad, just stepped out into space like Mister Magoo and tumbled 15 steps down -- and it was horrifying. But she popped up when she got to the bottom and resumed her sniffing. No wonder this dog survived life as a stray on the streets of Brooklyn...

Missing: My family. Despite the complete and utter exhaustion with which we returned home a few hours ago, I am so glad we went down. My parents are gaga for Ess, as are my grandparents. There was some fairly intense drama involving one of my uncles going on this weekend, and having Ess and her goofy grins around made for a much lighter atmosphere. My dad took some gorgeous photos of Ess and my grandmother, as well as a portrait of the seven of us... I'm so glad we have those, but I'd much rather go without the keepsakes and be closer to the people. It was a tearful farewell this morning. Since I'm not moving south and they're not moving north, is there any chance one of you could get to work on eliminating Connecticut, so we can at least make the drive shorter?