Friday, October 20, 2006

Road trip

The list of things to bring is on the kitchen island, half crossed off. The pile of stuff in the living room keeps growing. Sandwiches are made, and snacks have been procured. Rocky is at D's parents' house, where after a bout of what we think was stress-induced vomiting she spent the night ensconced on a cozy upholstered chair, and Jelly has been bathed in preparation for the long hours in the car. (At least we're only taking one dog with us...) Ess' cutest outfits are in a pile on the bed; my clothes are still in a jumble in the laundry basket. We updated the iPod and took out the trash.

Can you tell we're excited about this trip?

I've got another hour or so left to work, and several hundred more words to add to the story I'm writing. Ess needs another nap, and we need to eat lunch. But around 2 o'clock we're hitting the road, driving through rainy New England to bring this wee girl to her anxious, eager grandparents and great-grandparents. Wish us safe, speedy travels and a happy traveling companion....