Saturday, October 14, 2006

Genius parenting moment #512

Last night was not a good night. Ess woke up for the first time at midnight, and then every two hours after that. And instead of nursing and dropping off to sleep the way she normally does, she fought and fought and fought to stay awake. She seemed cold -- she was already dressed in a cotton sleeper with a fleece one on top -- so eventually she ended up with a little cap on. And then I tucked the warm, cozy shawl Songbird gave us in around her. And she was still cold.

At 6:15, when she awakened yet again, I had D bring her into bed with us. I nursed her there and she dozed off... just in time for us to get ready for the walk at Local College in memory of our friend who died last year. And as I was staggering around the house in a bleary-eyed attempt to get dressed, I realized that our bedroom was, in fact, really chilly.

And then I remembered that I'd opened a window yesterday afternoon to air out the upstairs. And apparently never closed it. No wonder the kid was cold.

So we're hoping that tonight is better. And at some point this weekend we're heading out to pick up a space heater for her bedroom. Because if she's this chilly in October, what the hell are we going to do come January?