Sunday, October 08, 2006


Yesterday afternoon, we went to a friend's house for a pasta-making party and dinner. Ess stuck it out pretty well (thanks in part to a little catnap in our friend's son's crib) but proceeded to totally lose her cool at about 7 pm. This was no surprise -- she goes to bed between 6:30 and 7 most nights, and this was the third night in a row we'd messed with her schedule. So we rushed out, with little to-go packs of the apple pie we were unable to eat for dessert, and got the kid in bed.

By about 8:30, I was thinking longingly about bed, and wondering how D could possibly eat ice cream after our meal of fettucine alfredo. The pie sat untouched on the counter. I pumped just before heading upstairs, and noticed that I got very little... less than an ounce, compared to the 3+ ounces I usually get when I pump after Ess goes to bed. That should have been a warning about what was to come.

Just a few hours later, I was racing from our bedroom on the second floor, down the hall, down the stairs and into the bathroom. I had chills and horrible stomach cramps, and was just barely able to drag myself out of bed to nurse Ess when she woke an hour later. Sometime around 4 I threw up again; this time, I was drenched in sweat. And I got D to bring her to me when she was ready to nurse again around 5:30 (side note: knocking on wood furiously, I am happy to report that Ess has worked her way into a nighttime nursing schedule that seems to be working well for all of us. For the time being, anyway).

Since then, I have lolled around the house in my pajamas. I have napped on the couch. I have nursed Ess when D has brought her to me, I have eaten a bagel and I have drunk as much water as I can force myself to swallow. I feel like crap. (D and our other friends who were at the little shindig are fine, so apparently I picked up some stomach bug, rather than food poisoning or e. coli, which was my middle-of-the-night feverish self diagnosis.) And I am ever so grateful that this bug hit on a weekend, when D can be the primary caregiver and I can take up space on the couch. I'm a little concerned about producing enough milk for Ess given my dehydrated state (I couldn't even keep water down for a while last night), but she seems to be taking care of that herself, nursing a tad more frequently and for longer intervals than she usually does.

Dinner for tonight was supposed to be either eggplant-potato curry or beet risotto. I'm guessing it's going to be more along the lines of chicken noodle soup from a can.