Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The fun just keeps on coming

While we await the resolution of Pumpgate 06, we've been keeping ourselves entertained by discovering dog urine on the dining room floor -- again. (This one while we were both home, and after Jelly'd been out just a few hours before.)

Even better, we're pretty sure we've found flea eggs on Jelly's back. AAaaaarghhhh.

The weird thing about this -- and I haven't had time to do any googling, seeing as how all my precious Google minutes have been used for searches like "mold in breast pump," so I'm not sure if there is another possible answer for this mystery -- is that we see no fleas at all. On top of which, the eggs are confined to a good-sized patch on her back, not covering her whole body. It's been a long time since I saw a dog with fleas (one of the rental houses we lived in when I was growing up turned out to have a flea infestation in the carpet, which meant not only that the dog got fleas constantly, but that we got flea bites on our ankles. Eww.), but this is not how I remember it looking. Also, Rocky doesn't have anything on her -- no bugs, no eggs, no nothing.

Still, we haven't put the flea and tick medicine on them in months, so it's entirely possible. Rocky got treated last night. This morning, as soon as D is out of the shower, I'm going to bathe Jelly -- a fun and exciting task in itself, given her tendency to snap when stressed or confused -- and then treat her. And then I suppose we should wash all eleventy-three dog beds in the house.

This week has to get better sometime, right??