Thursday, September 14, 2006

Making progress

A few reasons why we haven't had to exclaim "Fireplace!" or "Motherfireplacer!" in the last few days:

1. Ess slept last night from 7:15 pm to 3:45 am without waking up. Yes, she slept for 8.5 hours in a row without nursing. AND she slept all of those hours in her crib. I'm fully aware that she will probably not be repeating that performance any time soon (especially since I'm blogging it), but just knowing that the little one is capable of sleeping that much makes me very, very happy. Now if only I can not wake up in a panic the next time she sleeps longer than usual, we'll be in good shape.

2. The grandmothers have responded to my appeal for help with 3-6 mos clothes with great generosity and abandon. And since I had to stop at the Carter's store in Outletport yesterday and got to ogle all the cutie-pie clothes, I am realizing this was not much of a sacrifice on their part.

3. Jelly hasn't peed in the house since Monday afternoon.

4. The biggest one of all, and one I hesitate to write about for fear of jinxing it: Things have been going really well around here lately. Ess is such a happy, good-natured baby; when we go to pick her up from her bassinet after a nap, even if she's been crying, as soon as she sees you, she smiles her big gummy smile and squirms with glee. And that is pretty typical of her temperament these days. (I'm sure teeth and sleep regressions and all sorts of other miseries are in the offing, but it's good to know that she's a sweetiepie at heart.) D and I are navigating the combination of work and parenting pretty well, and we've even managed to save some money while still eating reasonably healthy meals. And we've been able to get together with some friends recently, with plans to see more of them this weekend (it turns out that brunch is the ideal way to get together with people these days). So I feel like we have emerged a bit from the newborn haze and are actually enjoying our lives, and our sweet girl.