Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Things I am pondering today

1. Why Ess is refusing to nap in the middle of the day. She yawns, she gets cranky, but when I swaddle and bounce her, after a few minutes I look down to see her grinning up at me. So I unswaddled and played with her for a bit, then the crankiness and yawning reappeared. So we went for a long walk, during which she slept for approximately nine minutes. She was groggy and had glazed eyes when we came home, so I swaddled her again. She wanted to nurse, which I figured would surely put her to sleep. Again, I look down to see her sweet little grin. And now we have to leave to take Rocky to the vet for a booster of her lepto shot, and she's starting to get cranky. Of course.

2. Why our insurance refuses to cover a certain test that D took last September. After a year of trying to get pregnant, we'd been starting to wonder about fertility issues, so we went to my doctor to begin the poking and prodding. I had blood drawn, and D was given some instructions about what he was to do. In retrospect, of course, this was all unnecessary, since Ess had been conceived the day before (!). But now the stinkin' lab is billing us $65 for the test and insurance has denied the claim. I'm thinking it's time to get the benefits consultants contracted by D's employer involved. It's only $65... but money is tight these days, and besides, they ought to pay.

3. Why literally NONE of the sources I am trying to contact for a freelance story I just accepted have returned my various calls and emails. Could it have something to do, perhaps, with the fact that it's the last week in August? The Sept. 22 deadline, which seemed so far away just last week when I accepted the assignment, now is looming on the horizon. People, call me.

4. Whether there really are an unusual number of houses for sale in our neighborhood, or whether because I'm home all the frickin' time now I just notice them more. If there are more for sale, what's going on? Did someone declare our neighborhood no longer cool -- it was the hot area for a little while there, although our ending up here had far more to do with the fact that the grandparents of a friend of D's owned the house than it did with us being coolhunters -- and if so, where is everyone going?

5. Why I am not napping right now, since (in the three hours since I started this post) Ess is really and truly asleep for the first time.