Sunday, August 20, 2006

A few random bullets, Sunday style

  • This morning we discovered that Ess' coming-home-from-the-hospital outfit, which absolutely swam on her at the time, is too small. What a bittersweet moment. I wish we'd gotten her in it one more time before she outgrew it, just to see what she looked like when it actually fit, but instead it earns its place on the rapidly growing pile of outgrown clothes next to her bureau. (She's still in 0-3 mos. clothes, but I see the 3-6 mo. stuff on the horizon...)
  • Today's big experiment: The reintroduction of dairy into my diet. This morning I had half a bagel with the wonderful herb cream cheese made by the bakery down the street. It's still too soon to know if it's affected Ess, but I'm crossing my fingers that it won't. We realized the other day that all the frozen milk she's been drinking while I've been at work was pumped when I was still eating dairy, and she's had absolutely no reaction to it whatsoever. I can't imagine that freezing would somehow alter the protein from cow's milk that tends to bother babies, so we're giving it a try. Updates to come...
  • Pumping and dumping isn't such a terrible experience if it means you can have a glass of wine and one of champagne. We went to the wedding of a coworker of D's yesterday; my sister and her husband babysat. They had a grand old time, and we had a decent time, too. Luckily the wedding was on the beach right near our house, so when I got antsy to see the girl we were home within five minutes. And that champagne was awfully nice.
  • Perhaps this is a sign that I am still watching TLC a little too much, but every time I get dressed these days -- largely in shapeless T-shirts and shorts -- I hear Clinton and Stacy's voices in my head. Today, for example, they pointed out that my hot pink stretch V-neck from the Gap outlet ends at my hips, the widest part of my body, thus emphasizing what I would prefer to downplay. And they are right. The only problem is that, having learned all their pointers for finding more flattering clothes, I somehow do not have in my possession the $5,000 to buy a new wardrobe that they so eagerly hand out.
  • I have a small freelance piece due tomorrow. Ess is napping. So why I am I blogging rather than working on it??