Monday, September 04, 2006

Diary of a crappy Sunday afternoon

Ess is refusing to nap. The baby who's been able to sleep after simply being swaddled, binkied and stuck in the bassinet (no rocking, no nursing, no nothing) for all her naps the last few days is restless and unhappy.

Every time she falls asleep, frickin' Jelly lets loose with a round of loud barking for no reason other than that it is approaching 5:30 -- the dogs' usual dinner time -- and she would like to eat now.

So Ess wakes up and cries.

When I lose my patience at dealing with that situation -- as proven by the large spot on the dining room rug, where all the water landed when I flung the contents of my glass at Jelly so she would just. shut. up. -- I trade jobs with D. He is in the kitchen, washing dishes and steaming the beets for the salad we will have with dinner.

I check the beets, refill my water glass, nibble on chips and salsa (maybe my blood sugar is low and that's why I'm so intolerant??). And then I smell something. Something burning. Yes, it is the beets, which have been steaming so well that the water is all gone.

I try switching them to another pot and re-steaming them with clean water, but it's no use. They are scorched tasting and gross.


Apparently, yesterday afternoon was so crappy that I never got to finish writing this post. Ess is napping now, and Jelly is asleep under the desk. And we had a nice conclusion to the day yesterday when my sister and her husband came over for dinner and the Sopranos (we just have three episodes left in season 6...).

Hope y'all are having a good long weekend.