Saturday, September 16, 2006

A rollicking Saturday night

So far, I've done a load of laundry (which, crap, I need to get out of the dryer), and spent a couple hours on revisions to my latest freelance piece; I figure better to do it now than to waste what looks to be another gorgeous September day inside. Now if only my sources will check their email over the weekend and get back to me on those followup questions...

And tonight it's going to be me and Ess, mano a mano. D has either really horrendous allergies or a bad cold. Since his symptoms steadily worsened throughout the day, I'm thinking it's the latter. So he's already in bed in the guest room. And Ess is asleep for the time being. Since we moved her into her crib last week, I get up and nurse her in the rocking chair in her room for the 12-ish and 3-ish feedings. Any time after that, though, I can't bear to drag myself out of bed, so D gets her and brings her to me. And then she usually does the very end of the night in our bed. So we'll see how long she lasts in the crib tonight.

I have to admit to being a bit jealous of D. Not that I want his cold -- far from it -- but that he can simply take a night in the guest room, and a full night's sleep with no interruptions, whenever he wants. (To his credit, he does it infrequently and is apologetic when he does.) Yes, he'll have to deal with Jelly, who is currently pacing around the house, her toenails clicking on the wood floors. But that's nothing compared to a hungry infant who needs to be held in your tired arms, and you can't fall asleep while nursing or you'll drop her and besides which the rocking chair isn't all that comfortable anyway.

Ok, enough complaining. I'm going to fold the laundry and take a nice magazine up to bed with me, and enjoy the rare pleasure of reading -- and keeping the light on -- as long as I want.