Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Random bullets of blah

  • I either have allergies (ragweed, I guess?) or the beginning of a cold. Whatever it is is kicking my butt. My throat hurts and I am tiiiiiiiiiired. (Did that sound whiny? If so, good. That's how I intended it.)
  • Ess is going through some kind of sleep transition in which she vociferously fights -- as in, an hour of crying -- taking her naps during the day. Until now I have not needed to nurse her to sleep; she'd get swaddled, take a binkie, we'd bounce on the ball for a minute and then she'd sleep. For the last couple days, including a bout today while a friend was watching her, she would only sleep after nursing. I am not ok with this; people other than me need to be able to get this kid to nap. (I'm totally fine with nursing her to sleep at night, though.) So I suspect we are going to experience a few hair-pulling days as we try to get through this and establish a new (old) routine.
  • I have a meeting tomorrow and have to wear a skirt. And heels. Oy.
  • If you were to walk by me right now and gently sniff the air, you would likely detect a faint hint of spitup. It has become my signature scent.
  • The fact that I am reduced to blogging about the smell of spitup explains why I haven't written much lately. I have a big-ish post, about s*x and intimacy and the postpartum woman, brewing and I think all my other blog material is stuck behind it. So perhaps some day in 2008 I will be able to write that post and resume regular blogging.