Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Out of sync

Yesterday I seemed to be moving at a different pace than the rest of the world. Evidence to support this point:

A friend of a friend stopped by yesterday morning. Word had circulated that I was heading to Outlettery, where among other stops I planned to visit L.Lill for some long awaited new clothing (three cheers for the arrival of a few freelance checks...). So FofF was dropping off a few items for me to return for her. I was in a bit of a rush -- Ess and I were meeting Phantom and Baby Blue, and all of a sudden it was time to go -- but FofF wanted to sit on the couch and chat. When she thanked me for taking the items for her, she said, "I wondered if this is too much of a pain, and I should just come along for the ride." I muttered something in return, and looked around wildly for my shoes. Only hours later did it occur to me that what I usually see as her snobbery might actually be boredom... and that she wanted me to invite her to go to Outlettery with me. Oops.

Once in Outlettery, we wandered the aisles of Swedish Childrensson with Phantom and the precocious, adorable BB, who did, indeed, volunteer to "pick out a cute outfit for the baby." I hemmed and hawed over what to buy -- so cute, and yet still so expensive, even at outlet prices -- and eventually chose a black velvet-and-plaid jumper for Christmas. I mentioned it to my mom, who responded that I should return it and save the money since she just bought Ess something very similar on final clearance. Argh.

Despite the long-awaited opportunity to hang with Phantom, I found myself fairly incapable of coherent conversation. Something aboutthe combination of sleep deprivation, shopping (not one of my strong suits) and anxiety about a whiny Ess resigned me to followup queries about topics she's blogged about, rather than an actual, grownup conversation. Of course, as soon as I got in the car to drive home, I had all sorts of scintillating conversational nuggets come to mind. Ugh.

Oh, and the similarly anticipated trip to L.Lill? Totally useless, other than returning clothes for FofF and another friend. The store was small, the racks were close together, Ess was whiny and the pants looked to be too long to even bother trying on. So, to recap, all I bought on this long-planned trip was an expensive dress for Ess that I will probably return. And I left Phantom with the impression that I'm a bumbling, incoherent idiot who can't talk about anything other than infant sleep habits and sling styles. Blah.

The day ended in fine fashion, with dinner half-made and me prone on the couch with a migraine so bad that just the sound of D chopping kale and chard for soup made me nauseated. Ick.