Friday, March 03, 2006

Two signs that I am not getting nearly enough sleep

1. Gave up cutting my toenails after I showered this morning because it was too difficult. (Please note that my belly is not yet so big as to impede the toenail-cutting process.)

2. When squeezing out my teabag -- a task I perform daily -- could not get the damn teabag straight on the spoon. Ended up flinging it around a few times, once nearly into the monitor, before giving up and throwing it away all soggy.

Reason for this mental haze: The small and neurotic shih tzu, who has decided on both of the last two nights that 3:30 am is a perfectly reasonable time to need to be carried downstairs and let into the backyard for a quick pee. Even though Darren has taken her both times, I have found it damn near impossible to go back to sleep. Am overwhelmed with work today and have a brain that is covered in lint.

Our theories about the reason for Rocky's idiocy:
1. When put out for the last time before bed, she gets too excited about the treat she'll get when she comes in and so runs around the yard and neglects to pee before bounding up the stairs.
2. She sees me getting up at all hours of the night to go to the bathroom and thinks that must be a good idea.
3. She knows how little experience we've had with infants in recent years and is putting us through some sadistic training regimen.