Monday, February 21, 2005

Wide open

I actually have the day off today - one of the few holidays we get from our munificent employer - and of course, being me, I scheduled an interview this afternoon for a freelance story I'm doing. The subject of this story lives about an hour and 45 minutes away, and she couldn't meet until 2 pm today, meaning that I'd leave here around noon and get home at 6 or s0. And there's nothing more depressing about a day off than arriving home at the same time you would if you were working.

BUT! The snow gods have come to my aid. There were a few inches on the ground when I woke up, and it's continued to come down. So the interview is cancelled and here I am with an entire day to myself. And you know what's scary? I don't really know what to do. I'm taking a break from the hideous taxes, which will give me hives if I think about them anymore, and the house is essentially already clean. There are some dishes to do, and I think I might reorganize the pantry.

Then I'm thinking I will go through my stack of old food magazines, a la Carter and Evelin, to rip out recipes and recycle the rest. And, lastly, I've got a yarn date with F. and S. later this afternoon - they'll knit and I'll crochet, either at one of our houses or at the hipster yarn cafe, depending on the snow and our general sense of adventure.

The rest of the plan involves listening to music and reading. Darren's off at work, which is probably good for both of us. I've been exceedingly cranky for the past week or so and am in dire need of some space for myself. So, thanks to the snow day, that's what I've got. And now that I've caught up on blog reading and answered a few work e-mails, I need to Step Away from the Computer. I'll report back later on my day of solitude...