Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What did they know that I didn't?

Back in May or June, when I was frantically trying to find local folks with babies about Ess' age, I heard about a local board for attachment parenting types. You have to apply for membership, which I did, thinking that despite the somewhat strident tone of the intro page I might find a friend. I wish I could remember what, exactly, the questions were and how I answered them, because today -- more than six months later -- I got a message stating flatly that I was DENIED. (And, yes, the caps are theirs.)

So I've been wondering: Did they somehow intuit that we would become cry-it-out types? Did they magically peer into the depths of my cupboards and find -- gasp! -- jarred baby food (which, incidentally, we used for the first time on our trip and I have to say part of me is wondering why I bother going through all the work of making homemade food, freezing it and then thawing it later when I could just pop open a jar of organic whatever)? Did they forsee that our co-sleeping days were numbered, or that the slings would fall somewhat out of favor? What hint did I give them?

The whole thing strikes me as funny more than anything else... but I have to admit that I am dying to know why I didn't make the grade (not to mention why it took six-plus months to inform me of that fact).