Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New additions

Some wonderful news in the blogosphere the last few days:

Kate, the Taxman and Miss M welcomed their new little boy on Friday after what sounds like one heck of a labor.

Carter, Evelin and Celeste introduced the mighty Quinn to the world on Saturday -- she's a cutie!!

And, in my own circle of friends locally, wonderful friends and neighbors B & K, along with big sister E, said hello to little brother L on the 8th. (Best story from the delivery: When E, who just turned two, was brought to see her mom and baby brother shortly after L was born, a nurse warned her that mommy would be tired "because she just pushed the baby out of her tummy." "No, she didn't," said feisty little E. "She pushed him out of her BAGINA.")

Warm, warm welcomes to all the little ones, and congrats to the happy families. Wander over to their sites and say hi if you get a chance...