Monday, April 03, 2006

Groggy and random

Like the rest of the blogosphere, I am having a little trouble adjusting to Daylight Savings Time. I very nearly went straight back to sleep after my alarm went off this morning, which wouldn't have been the end of the world -- it's a freelancing day, so I'm my own boss -- except that it would have made getting up on time tomorrow, when I have to work for someone else, that much harder. But luckily for me there was a dog altercation just a few minutes after I dozed off again, so waking was assured.

I'm now officially in the third trimester -- 28 1/2 weeks, to be exact -- and feeling a few more pregnancy joys kicking in. I'm on a three-times-a-night bathroom schedule, which would be a lot more bearable if we had a bathroom on the second floor. It's not exactly safe to traipse downstairs and then back up again with half-closed eyes, so I end up spending a lot of time talking myself back to sleep after waking up a bit too much. My belly has popped out noticeably in the last week or so; in fact, while we were in Puerto Rico we hit a new milestone: A stranger felt confident enough to remark on my pregnancy. Granted, I was wearing a somewhat clingy summer dress that will not make its appearance in Maine for another month or two, but, still, it was a milestone. (And one that required the acquisition of some new pants, which I was lucky enough to find on Freecycle.)

And then there is the return of the exhaustion. I was tired all last week, and attributed it to the return from PR and immediate immersion in work. But then it continued over the weekend, despite eight or nine hours of sleep each night and a nice nap Saturday afternoon. So yesterday I didn't fight it when I got sleepy right after lunch. I slept for about 45 minutes, got up, read some more of the Sunday Times, then took another nap, this one for an hour. And when I woke up, I felt awake for the first time all day, which tells me that I really did need the sleep. And now I'm back where I started, tired on a Monday morning.

Other updates from the weekend: After a loud and somewhat nasty argument -- something that hasn't happened in a long time -- D and I reached agreement on the items we need to take care of around the house in the next few months. And, in fact, we made some significant progress just after the argument. We spent a half hour at the evil home improvement superstore and ordered carpet for the bambina's room (the guy is coming to measure today). I don't love the idea of carpet in general -- in fact, tearing out wall-to-wall carpet was the first thing we did in the hours after we closed on this house -- but given the combination of lead paint, plywood, hideous linoleum and a lack of heating vents in her room, carpet seemed to be the best choice.

We also managed to pick up a new set of rails for the guest room bed, which has been a pain in the ass ever since the whole bedroom-switching episode. The mattress and box spring we have are extra long (aka, queen-length, though they're the width of a full), which was no problem since we used to use a queen frame for them. But we needed the frame for our own bed, which had previously been on the floor. So I got not only a frame but a headboard and footboard on Freecycle. And after a lengthy process to get the damn boxspring down to the first floor, we remembered that the length of the rails was wrong. So the guest room has been unusable for a month. We intended to put the new rails on yesterday, but D woke up with a horrible stiff neck and spent the day on the couch. So that project is stalled, but able to be resumed at any time.

Then next weekend we head to New Jersey for a fast visit -- my grandfather is being named citizen of the year in his town, so my sister, her husband, D and I are surprising him at the awards ceremony -- in which we will pick up the dresser my parents are giving us for the bambina's room. Which means once the carpet is in, we can actually start setting up her room. That means we'll actually be able to assemble the crib, which is now in pieces on our enclosed front porch, and put away the mountains of clothing we've accumulated.

So all of those plans make me feel a bit less anxious... but the anxiety would decrease significantly if we were actually able to do any of it right now.