Monday, March 13, 2006

The return of coffee

As I start typing, it is 9:23 am and I am still in my pyjamas. On the desk in front of me is a cup of decaf. Long before I got pregnant, I switched to half-decaf, generally drinking one travel-sized mug a day. I didn't intend -- nor did my doctor ask me -- to give that up when I finally got knocked up, but the morning sickness did it for me. Since that finally lifted, I've slowly begun to enjoy coffee again. And this weekend I got right back into the habit of needing a cup of the stuff to make me feel alert. It's completely psychosomatic, since there is no caffeine. But it works.

This morning, for example, I was feeling quite sluggish. I had a whirlwind three days away -- in fact, I overdid it a bit, which I will explain later -- and even 10 hours of sleep last night wasn't quite enough to leave me perky and ready to work this morning. What I really wanted was coffee. But we haven't bought any in months, since I wasn't drinking it regularly. And the bakery around the corner, where I could buy either a cup of strong and tasty coffee or a pound of excellent beans, is closed on Mondays.

But: in the freezer, I had an unopened can of Folger's decaf, a relic of the days before I switched to the local Excellent Beans company. The stamp on the bottom said it was best used before October 2004. But what the hell -- it's coffee, right? And it's been in the freezer for years, surely preserving some freshness. So I pulled out the can opener and brewed some up.

Is it good? Not really.

Is it coffee? Hell yeah. And it's totally doing the trick of fooling my brain into thinking it's awake. Now if only I could get it to wash the tub so I can take a shower... (I took a rare, for me, bath last night to ease my aching back; the tub, she ain't so pretty this morning, though the bath was exactly what I needed.)

Coming later today:
~On getting and spending;
~Why you should make restaurant reservations if you would like to eat dinner in Philadelphia;
~A certain someone's idiocy when it comes to certain features of maternity clothes; and
~The joy of bras that fit!