Saturday, April 01, 2006

The last word on the vacation, I promise

Sorry for the lag between the last post and this one -- returning home on Tuesday night and then diving into work again made this week go awfully quickly. As I write this, I'm uploading more photos to Flickr, so I'm hopeful you can see them there.

As for the rest of the vacation report, there's really not all that much to say, because we did so very little. We arrived Thursday night, parked the car in the lot and literally never even walked by it again until Tuesday morning when we left. (Kate, this means we never did get to the dry forest. We thought about it, but never left he beach.) So what did we do? Much as I reported earlier, we read, swam, sunned, kayaked (only a little) and relaxed. We played a few rousing hands of gin rummy. And we ate (though the food, I have to report, was not all that good. The produce especially was disappointing -- mealy tomatoes that were just as bad as anything you'd buy in the grocery store here this time of year).

We didn't even talk much to other guests, though I did manage to chat with the two other pregnant women I saw, both of whom happened to be from the Boston area. Really, we just kept to ourselves and enjoyed it. I am missing the feeling of the sun on my body... the body that is growing bigger seemingly by the second. And I am missing the complete lack of tension I felt in my shoulders and neck. But I'm off to my yoga class in a little bit, so that should help. And here's a little reminder of what so wonderful about it:

View from the cabana