Saturday, March 18, 2006

Crossed off the list

Things we've achieved in the last 24 hours:

~Picked out a car seat and assorted other odds and ends for the registry.
~Bought a crib and mattress.
~Saw the year's first crocuses along the side of our house.
~Witnessed another sign of spring in these parts: a family from Massachusetts moving into the most expensive house on our street. (No offense to Mass. blogging pals, but your commonwealthian neighbors are totally skewing the real estate market up here!)
~Visited the soft-serve place down the street for the first time.
~Found a maternity and kids clothes consignment shop in a nearby chi-chi suburb (= good prices on nice stuff).
~Finally finished watching Good Night and Good Luck.
~Acquired flip flops, sunscreen, shaving cream, and a flash card for the camera.
~Picked up a nice pair of comfy linen pants (that unfortunately will need to be hemmed this weekend) to wear on the plane.
~Got a bikini wax. (Ok, this one was not a joint endeavor.)

And now it's time for a nice nap, with pooches, while D watches basketball. A perfect Saturday afternoon occupation.