Monday, April 03, 2006

Confessions of a gestating mind

Ok, clearly I am wordy and disorganized today. This despite the fact that I actually had a couple hours of very productive work this morning, followed by visits to the chiropractor and the eye doctor, two women of whom I'm very fond. And it's a good thing, because they both added items to my to-do list. Specifically, I need to find: a doula. A pediatrician. And a day care center.

Luckily, I made some headway on the doula front today, which makes sense since that's the most immediate need anyway. I exchanged messages with a woman who organizes monthly doula teas at the crunchy birthing center (where we are not delivering); I've got to call her back this evening to get a list of recommendations from her since we're going to miss this month's tea. And I spoke to a midwife at a local midwifery school, whose students offer free doula services as part of their training. She's going to pass my name on to the students on Wednesday and someone will call me. A friend went that route and raved about it, so I'm hopeful it will work out.

Pediatricians and daycare are a bit more daunting. My friend is somewhat happy with her ped, but thinking about switching. My own primary care doctor offers pediatric care, but I don't love her -- she's turned into more of a pill-pusher than I'm comfortable with in recent years -- so that's not the way to go. Ultimately, I want someone who's expert in western medicine while also being very open to holistic stuff when appropriate. And I'd love it if the doc were nearby -- in my city or the part of Portland closest to me. (So, local readers, if you know of anyone great, I'd love to hear about her/him.) But figuring out how to find that person is overwhelming.

And it's much the same with daycare. I think I'd be most comfortable with the bambina in a home-based daycare very near our house, but those places can be tough to find. I got a list from a local referral center, and am asking around for recommendations. But most of our friends with kids live just far enough away that their daycare isn't feasible for us. And unfortunately Craigslist and the parenting boards I've found aren't all that active in this area. So if you've got suggestions on how I might go about finding places, I'd love to hear 'em.

Lastly, on a somewhat related note: My beloved low-rise maternity jeans may be reaching the end of their days. They still look damn good, if you ask me, and they are very comfy as long as I am standing. But when I am sitting? That low waistband pokes right into my expanding belly. And that does not feel good at all. Which means that I may need to go maternity shopping again. Ugh.