Friday, April 21, 2006

The incredible shrinking bellybutton

D and I have been keeping a close watch on my bellybutton as a barometer of overall bellysize. Day by day, it gets smaller and shallower, on what seems to be its inevitable progress from innie to outie. And I wonder why my pants keep getting tighter... Not to mention the fact that I continue to bitch about said tightness, completely forgetting (again) that the waistband is adjustable. Why is this so hard to remember?

* * * * * * * *

Not much to report on the grandmama drama, other than the fact that I was really tired and perhaps a wee bit hormonal last night and thus took all of this too hard, as I think is reflected in my nutso post on the matter. After a decent night's sleep (only one bathroom trip!) I feel much less discombobulated by the whole mess. My mom wrote this morning to say that I shouldn't worry, that her issue is just some miscommunication or lack of communication. I still feel like I'm in trouble, but whatever... and, no, we haven't been able to find a time to talk. Maybe early tomorrow morning, but if not then Sunday afternoon or Monday evening. Gah.

As for the MIL, D and I decided last night that I would call her this morning, which I did. Fortunately or unfortunately, I got her voicemail, so I left her a long, rambling message -- my forte -- about the fact that my mom and I had been emailing re: communication about the baby, and that my mom hinted (but did not give specifics) that MIL might be upset or concerned about something, too. And that if that was the case I would love to talk about it, and I hope that we hadn't inadvertently hurt any feelings, that we'd been very busy lately getting ready for the baby and hadn't seen much of anyone.

And so that's that. We are out of town tomorrow and Sunday, and my MIL is going to be in Florida from Monday through Saturday. The ball is in her court; if she chooses not to respond, that's her decision.