Monday, May 02, 2005

Old friends...

(while reading this, hum the Simon & Garfunkel song, treacly instrumentation and all)

It's too late on a Monday to be anywhere other than bed, but I've got to jot down - if only to remind myself in weeks to come - how amazing and restorative and FUN it is to spend time with really close long-time friends. I spent 24 hours in evil Connecticut with S. and R. over the weekend; we ate and drank wine and talked and drank wine and talked and drank wine... and then drank coffee... and it was wonderful. They remind me that when I am feeling crazy and mixed up and alone that I may be crazy and mixed up, but I'm definitely not alone.

Ahem. This is getting a little sappy.

Anyway, after a week of frantic travel and very busy days, I was not looking forward to driving 200 miles to Hartford and back. But my quick trip away sent me home relaxed and content. I figured out (yet again) why I think we want to have kids; I'm not sure why I feel the need to continually analyze my thoughts on this topic, but it's been my fate recently. And I came home feeling calm about it - knowing, for example, that the smushy cuteness of our pooches is only a fraction of what we'd love about kids.

To my lurking friends S. and R., thank you. I needed this get-together more than any of us knew, and I hope it was as fun and enlightening and relaxing for you as it was for me. You guys rock.