Friday, April 22, 2005

iPod iDiot

I've had my iPod for more than a year now. Actually got it for Christmas '03, but had computer compatibility issues too boring to mention that led me to wait to cash in the IOU until last spring. And then there were some more compatibility issues that led me to not really get a lot of use out of this bright, shiny thing until last fall.

Since then, though, I've been Podding away. And I've also begun complaining, loudly and often, about the fact that "shuffle" is great, but wouldn't it be better if you could shuffle within one genre? Because then you wouldn't be all hyped up on an old Jane's Addiction song, only to be twirled around and laid mellow by Pat Metheny. And, I've been known to say, what the heck is wrong with Steve Jobs and the rest of those geniuses over at Apple that they wouldn't get this? That they wouldn't intuitively understand why one might like to listen to only music that belongs in the (somewhat quirkily defined, but generally ok) folk category?

Yes, I have made this lament frequently, which is why I'm all the more embarassed that it took me more than a year to discover that this feature actually exists. Oops.

Still, the circumstances of its discovery didn't dampen the unadulterated joy I felt when I used the genre shuffle for the first time, yesterday afternoon, while editing some problematic stories. Then it was jazz - no words, just mellow tunes to block out some office noise.

But better still was the romp I took through the "alternative" category this morning at the gym. Most of my alternative album buying took place in the late 80s to mid 90s, which means it's music I love but haven't listened to regularly for a while. So this set of music was a lot of fun to listen to -- besides which it kept me occupied on the treadmill for 35 minutes, a feat that can not be underestimated. With apologies to Phantom Scribbler's Friday shuffle, here's the soundtrack to this morning's run:

1. "Been Caught Stealing," Jane's Addiction, Ritual de lo Habitual
2. "Trying to Get Through," Hothouse Flowers, Home
3. "Someplace Where Love Can't Find Me," Marshall Crenshaw, Good Evening
4."Watch Your Step," Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Best of
5. "99.9f," Suzanne Vega, 99.9F
6. "In Spite of Me," Morphine, Cure for Pain
7. "Love Field," Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Best of [I have to admit to skipping this one - not the right tune to run to, and a lousy effort from Elvis anyway]
8. "A Girl Like You," The Smithereens, Blown to Smithereens
9. "Buena," Morphine, Cure for Pain
10. "Mexican Wine," Fountains of Wayne, Welcome Interstate Managers
11. "Film," The Church, Priest = Aura [wouldn't have been good for running, but it was perfect for the cooldown, aka, the part where I limp, gasping, on the treadmill, trying to walk out a cramp]