Monday, April 18, 2005

Dull torpor

That was pretty much the mood around here this weekend. It was gorgeous out -- in fact, it still is -- and it should have inspired us to feats of athleticism or at the very least some yardwork. Instead, we did nothing. Darren's been sick for a few days with what we think is a sinus infection, though the doctor says he needs to feel this bad for another five days before they agree, so he's been pretty much out of commission. As for me, I've just been lazy.

Part of my problem has been that I don't know what to do with myself; I had no work to do over the weekend, and we'd cleaned the house last weekend. So, faced with nothing but uninterrupted leisure time, I crumbled and whined. I finally read for a while on Saturday, catching up on the last couple New Yorkers, then took a walk to the beach with Rocky, my sister, her dog, our friend K. and her 13-month-old daughter. It was quite the menagerie.

Saturday night we took my sister and her boyfriend out to Fore Street, the best restaurant in Portland, to celebrate their engagement. We ate incredibly well (I had venison - yum), drank some good wine and in general had a very nice time. All that niceness was followed by a night spent with a sniffling Darren and a vomiting Rocky. Way to cap off the evening.

As a result, yesterday was spent recuperating from that night of horrible sleep. We sat outside and read the entire New York Times, then came inside and napped. We may be in our early 30s, but sometimes we lead the lives of senior citizens...

In any case, today it's back to normal. I've got the day off, for that amazing New England holiday of Patriots Day (commemorating the start of fighting in Lexington and Concord, I believe...), so I'm using it to catch up on all the stuff I neglected over the weekend. I've already taken out the trash, done two loads of laundry and dropped the dogs off at the groomer, plus bought plane tickets for the conference I'm attending in lovely downtown Detroit in June.

Next up on the agenda is transcribing an interview I did last week (though it's a day off, I still need to accomplish a little bit of work), followed by an exciting trip to Marshalls/TJ Maxx to replace my beloved black shoulder bag, which is disintegrating in front of my very eyes. I have to go to Washington, D.C., next week for a conference/awards thing, at which I will meet lots of muckety mucks, so I'm thinking I need to at least pretend to be a grownup. Which means carrying a bag that isn't splitting at the seams, as well as chewing with my mouth closed and other niceties that I'll be studying up on...