Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Pizza, beer and bread

Heard from the doc yesterday, and it was good news: I do not have celiac disease! What a relief. They're not sure why my blood tests were positive if the biopsy was negative, but the biopsy is the gold standard, so there's no chance I have it. Phew. We had pizza and beer to celebrate last night... and somehow, since I worked verrrry late tonight due to a last-minute plagiarism discovery (fun, fun, fun), we ended up having the same thing again tonight.

So, our regularly scheduled cooking/babymaking content will be returning ASAP.

And, on a final note, in homage to this blog's title, I actually went running this morning at my swanky new gym. (Went once last week, too, if you can believe that.) It is so fancy I can't believe they even let me in the door - they have Bumble and bumble products in the showers. And the showers? Are heavenly. River-rock floors, so your feet get a nice little massage, and one of those rainfall showerheads that come straight down from the ceiling. I have a free membership through work, but I swear, if the luxe touches inspire me to work out more often, I would pony up the $95 a month myself.