Saturday, March 05, 2005

Cabin fever?

I was just over at Ginga's place, completely identifying with both her funk and her wanderlust. I'm also feeling the need to get away, to break some routines, to snap out of my life a bit. Spent yesterday afternoon looking at plane fares --- for Seattle, where fabulous friend K. lives, for Tampa, where Darren's brother lives, and for Puerto Rico, where absolutely no one we know lives.

Of course, complications abound. Tix to Seattle are expensive. Tix to Puerto Rico are expensive from northern New England, but cheapish from NJ, where my family lives. But of course we'd have to pay for a hotel room in PR, which makes the whole enterprise much more spendy. As for Tampa, tickets are very cheap, and we could stay with Darren's bro. But that in itself creates a bundle of other questions, such as, do we really want to stay with A. and his girlfriend, who don't like to cook and can only converse about sports and movies? (Really, I am not exaggerating on this one.)

A further complication of the Tampa possibility is that we would go in late April, when the Red Sox will be playing the Devil Rays, so as to catch a game or two. And those dates coincide with the production schedule for a large issue at work. I am conflicted about whether I should leave my staff to do that issue without me, and further conflicted about what kind of example I set if I stay. I suspect we will end up going to Tampa and trying to arrange a place to stay other than the bro-in-law's, somehow without hurting his feelings.

All of this travel planning was the epilogue to a long day that began with my endoscopy, the last hurdle in the celiac diagnosis. I won't have the definitive results until the 14th, but the doc said it looks likely that I have it. Ugh. I've been joking about the imminent change to a diet of meat, cheese and red wine... which I could live with, but which wouldn't be easy.

I've been trying not to dwell on it --- ha! --- and instead thinking a lot about all the things I wouldn't be able to eat, such as pie, rye bread (or really just about any bread, for that matter), pizza and glorious, lovely beer. Eating out, which is another thing I live, would become very difficult. On the bright side, I could eat all the bacon I want, as well as most cheese and all tequila (the hallmark of a healthy diet).

I'm also about to join a new gym, a vedddy fancy place at which I have a free membership, courtesy of my job (one of the few perks I get). I'm trying to look at the gym membership and the celiac thing as part of a new campaign to Make MC Healthier... the end result, theoretically, would be to make me happier, too. We'll see how that goes.