Saturday, April 30, 2005

A note before going

Whew, it's been a whirlwind around here. Spent a few very busy days in Washington, DC in the middle of the week (but still made time for a trip to the zoo), then came home late Thursday. Yesterday I did a freelance editing job -- some day off, right? -- had a meeting and then collapsed for several hours on the couch. And in about an hour, I'm heading down to Connecticut for a fast getaway with S. and R. -- our first girls weekend ever. I'll be back tomorrow afternoon, at which point I'll probably collapse on the couch again, then get up Monday and ride back into the maelstrom.

Random notes from the week past:
~Our president does not appear to be any more intelligent and/or suave when you see him speak in person.
~Spending time with your parents on a business/pleasure trip takes a special set of skills, including an awful lot of patience.
~Cabbies in DC are much more polite drivers than their counterparts in New York.
~Congressmen fly coach just like everybody else (at least the ones in Maine do; both of our representatives were on our flight home, just a few rows ahead of us).
~The new Springsteen album kicks ass, as does his installment of VH1 Storytellers.
~It is not fair that W's press conference preempted The O.C., which we had set to tape. No fair at all, especially since his speech the day before, which we heard in person, covered all the same topics.
~The 20-minute drive home from the airport at 11 pm is not the best time to start a discussion about feeling trapped in Maine, especially when you blame it on your husband.

There's tons more to write, but I've got to shower, pack (again) and head down to the Land of Evil.