Sunday, November 05, 2006


D is wrangling Ess, and it's time for me to start the second freelance assignment of the weekend. It's a clip job, meaning there's no reporting involved, just repurposing of generally available content (the beauty of personal finance writing), and it's just 575 words, so it should be easy. But I am dragging this morning.

Ess nursed like a fiend yesterday -- not any more often than usual, but for quite a bit more time at each session. She's usually a one-side-per-session girl, but yesterday she wanted both sides almost every time. And then she was up twice in the night, the first time for about 40 minutes instead of the usual 10 or 15. (It was worth it, though, to see her so constantly engaged and smiley at my sister's house for dinner last night; it was so much fun to watch her shriek at Crazy Lucy the giant pooch and smile at everyone throughout dinner, at what is usually a particularly cranky time.)

We've been trying to figure out how to get her to consolidate her naps; she's still taking four or five naps of anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes each day. I'd love it if she eventually moved to two or three longer naps. So we're experimenting with letting her cry a little in the bassinet when she's awake after a brief snooze; if she's just grumbling, we leave her there, but if she starts to wail we fetch her.* So this morning, while D was at the gym, I put her down asleep at about 8:30. Went upstairs to get clothes for the day, and by the time I came back down I could hear her babbling away. It had been a grand total of eight minutes -- extreme even for our little no-napper -- so I went ahead and got in the shower.

When I got out, she was grumbling; she continued to whine and whimper for a while. When she got herself worked up enough to cough, I went and got her. It'd been 45 minutes since I put her down, and at most she got a few minutes of sleep. So I nursed her, on both sides, for a loooong time. She eventually fell asleep nursing, and after a few minutes I tried moving her to the bassinet.

No dice. As soon as I got up, her eyes popped open, and she gave me her typical post-nap grin. In a fit of denial, I set her down in the bassinet and wrapped her blanket around her. She wiggled and grinned, and so I got her up. She's now had approximately 10 minutes of sleep in the last 3.5 hours. So between the nursing, the nap strike and the fact that I am feeling overworked in general, motivation to work is hard to find. Except that the annual car insurance bill came a few days ago, and so this check will be nice to have. Google, here I come.


*I'm pretty sure I don't have to say this, but just in case any trolls are lurking here, please know that I will delete any nasty comments about our decision to try this approach.