Saturday, July 01, 2006

A good night, followed by a good day

I've posted about our tough sleep nights, so I thought I'd write about a good one, even though I know I risk bringing the wrath of the sleep gods upon us by talking about it:

Last night, Ess nursed at 8 pm, then slept till midnight(!). She was up again at 3 and 6. And rather than being in our bed, she was in the co-sleeper, on her little launch pad, until 3. She was also swaddled very tightly, following the diagram in Happiest Baby on the Block.

Normally, she'd like to get up at six -- she gazes at the windows, all wide-eyed and alert, ready to start the day no matter what her groggy parents think. But I nursed her and laid her on my chest, coaxing her back to sleep until 8:30.

Today, she has taken two gigantic naps, one that ended at 11:30 and another one that is still ongoing. Part of me wonders if this is the sleep-begets-sleep effect; earlier, I'd been waking her up from naps after about two hours, to make sure that she got enough to eat during the day to sleep longer at night (and see how well that worked??). But now that we are mostly free of the nipple shield, I think she's getting more milk at each feeding and have been experimenting with just letting her sleep until she wakes up. It's no accident that this experiment is taking place when there are plenty of arms around for holding her during the day should it go drastically wrong...

The funny thing? I have no idea what to do with myself with all this free time, which I'm sure won't last for long. This morning, I worked on an academic paper I'm editing -- I have a small sideline in copyediting/proofreading for the profs in the business department at the local college -- and this afternoon I slept. And then I slept some more. And slept. When I finally woke up, I balanced our checkbooks -- end result: surprisingly not as bad as I thought in the household account, but grim in my personal account -- and then surfed some blogs. And here I am now, with breasts full to bursting and a complete lack of ideas about what to do. Although I suppose I could put away the clothes in Ess' laundry basket. Or lay (lie? I can never remember that one...) on the couch with Rocky some more.

Hope you all are enjoying what is a beautiful day here in the northeast. And cross your fingers that this little trend continues, at least for another day or two!