Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mother of the year

Am I a bad mother if, since the bambina fell asleep in her bouncy chair while I was showering, I left her in the bathroom — complete with classical music on NPR and the exhaust fan running — while I sat 10 feet away, wolfing down breakfast and reading blogs? And then, when she still didn’t wake up, made a cup of coffee (jo(e), you were right about Silk; it tastes good!) and read more blogs? And heard her peep a bit, but then left her alone until she settled back down? (I’m talking seconds, not minutes, on the fussing.)

And, the piece de resistance, tiptoed in to check on her, only to find her slumped over, sound asleep, sucking on the collar of her shirt as a substitute for her mean, neglectful mommy??

Oh well. Think of the satisfaction she'll get from having a relaxed, fed and hydrated mom. Surely that's worth 10 minutes of nursing a monkey onesie, right?