Saturday, May 27, 2006

Today's accomplishment...

...I shaved my legs for the first time in weeks. This proud moment brought to you by D, who took little Ess from 11 pm to 5:30 am (one of the advantages of her early introduction to bottles). Apparently she was miserable for about two hours (a big, messy poo turned out to be what made her happy), then went back to her normal, everyday eating-and-sleeping routine. I loved every moment of sleep I got, including the two hours this morning when D and Ess came upstairs. I nursed her for a while, and we all went to sleep in the big bed. Bliss.

Today, we're headed off to my in-laws' for the baby shower that we foolishly thought was planned for far enough ahead of my due date for there not to be a problem. (Thus the leg-shaving.) I was dismayed to find that very little in my closet actually fits my bizarre post-partum body, but I think I'll live. I'm just glad that my brilliant sister decided to move the shower from our house, where it was originally scheduled to be held, to D's parents', who were thrilled to take over. The thought of having 30 people here, plus lots of kids, made me want to weep.

Oh, and I wanted to say a big congratulations to Halloweenlover, who is expecting her very own bambina later this year. Hang in there through the "morning" sickness, HL; I promise it gets better (and five months ago, who'da thought I'd be the one uttering those sage words?).