Wednesday, June 07, 2006


That is, D-goes-back-to-work day. So Ess and I are on our own. I'm supposed to be updating my resume to send to an editor for freelance work in the fall, but that is supremely hard to do when nursing every half-hour (growth spurt, anyone?), let alone when severely sleep-deprived. Instead, I've been watching TV. I did manage to get a shower for myself (Kate, you were right about the bouncy seat, though she won't tolerate it st the moment...) and a quick face washing for Ess. Exciting, huh?

She's finally asleep, face down on my chest... the big decision for the afternoon is, do I:
A. Just leave her there, accept that I can't get anything done and take a nap?
B. Swaddle her and put her in the bassinet, then find the monitor so I can hear her at the computer and try to get the resume done?
C. Sneak her into the bouncy seat and hope she stays asleep so I can eat lunch and work?
D. Try either B or C, and end up with a screaming baby, and another bout of nursing in front of the TV?

You can see why I'm leaning toward A.

Updated to add: It's 12:48. She's in the bassinet, I've eaten lunch, the monitor is on and I'm working on the resume. (Well, and blogging.) Which is about to end, since the LLL leader is coming over to help me with sling stuff. Oh well. AND, I meant to say, Ess is four weeks old today! Can you believe it? I definitely can not. I guess all that stuff they say about kids growing up fast is true...