Friday, November 26, 2004


Ok, so Thanksgiving at the in-laws was not a gourmet feast, but you know what? It didn't matter. We had a very nice day -- watched the dog show for a while, then chowed down on turkey, stuffing, squash, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy. Had some interesting conversastions about development in Maine, then drove over to the movie theater to see Ray, which was pretty good. Could have lost about 15 minutes toward the end, but it's an engrossing tale that certainly doesn't set out to buff Ray Charles' life story (unlike too many other biopics). I'm impressed that Charles approved of the movie before he died, given how frank it is about his philandering and drug abuse. It certainly serves as a cautionary tale.

The pies went over well - the chocolate cream pie, with Scharffenberger chocolate that S. and F. brought back for us from San Francisco last year, was especially good and didn't taste low-fat at all.

The only odd thing was that my stomach was rumbly and upset all day. I had a few moments of nausea on the drive over, but mostly I've just felt sort of gassy and icky since Wednesday. When I get stressed out, I typically feel it in my stomach (and neck/shoulders)... but I can't say as I'm particularly stressed about anything at the moment. I'm wondering if it's possible that this could be a really early sign of pregnancy... it's hard to tell, since my body is still adjusting to being off the pill and I haven't figured out what a "normal" cycle is going to be.

Darren was actually the first one to suggest this possibility yesterday -- we were walking with Rocky down at the beach and I was grumbling about my belly and he said, well, what if you're pregnant? I was almost speechless.

So I did some googling this morning, and it seems possible but unlikely. Also, I think, too soon to take a test. So, we'll see if the stomach rumbles settle down and go from there.

As for today, Darren is working until 2. I've got a story to write for work, as well as a ridiculously involved awards package to put together. A very nice person nominated me for a business journalism award that is sponsored by a government agency, meaning that the package I have to submit includes *10* items, as well as several forms and a photo. I think I have a pretty decent chance at winning, as long as I can get the damn thing completed by next week.