Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A pain in the brain

So, as promised I put in 30 minutes on the treadmill this morning. Only talked to one lawyer - a nice one at that, though he did ask if my sudden reappearance at the gym had anything to do with that fashion show he noticed I was modeling for. In any case, the run wasn't too horrific, especially since I was listening to Amy Correia's first CD, which I love. Darren hates it, though - says he finds her voice screechy, which I just don't understand - so I try not to play it in the house unless I am feeling particularly mean and hateful. Which we all know never, ever happens.

Anyway, the whole gym experience was pretty decent, at least until later in the day. I ended up with a horrible, horrible migraine that led me to bail out of work at 4 and spend an hour on the couch in the dark (among the joys of mid-November in northern New England is the fact that the sun was setting at 3:45 as I drove home...) before I could even get the nausea to subside enough to swallow some Advil. (NO, this does not mean anything about a baby --- I am quite certain.) This migraine thing has happened to me several times post-running, and I'm curious if any of you real runners (Anita, that means you!) have experienced this.

My guess is that I don't do an adequate job of rehydrating myself after the run. Today my schedule also required me to spend much of the day dashing around southern Maine for a few appointments - an interview for a story I'm writing, then a workshop for women who are starting their own businesses about how to deal with the media - so I never ate lunch, just scarfed a Luna bar and some seltzer in the car. That's not such a great recipe for healthy living, I'm thinking.

I did recover enough to watch a few hours of cable (Darren always knows that I'm not feeling well if he comes home and I'm up in the high-numbered cable channels, typically on TLC or the Food Network). And then we watched Before Sunset, a really lovely sequel to the Ethan Hawke/Julie Delpy film from 10 years ago. A month back, when we watched Before Sunrise, I was inspired to promise you more deep thoughts, less mundane recounting of my day. Oops.