Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I don't know what's going on these days, but I am tired and uninspired. Work is totally annoying - especially because annoying people are annoying me about annoying things, about which I can't really go into further detail - and I feel like I have lead in my veins. Still having the baseball/insomnia problem, which is actually making me fervently root for the Red Sox to win tonight so I can finally see what frozen-over hell looks like and get back to some kind of normal schedule.

I've got the usual bunch of stuff to do at work this week, plus a meeting about 45 minutes away tomorrow night, plus another meeting at 7:30 Friday morning, plus not one but two freelance assignments due in the next two weeks. No, I did not have to take the assignments... particularly the second one... but they pay well, and are about interesting topics. And one of them provides me with the opportunity to go to one of our favorite restaurants on the magazine's dime. AND with Christmas and Darren's birthday and a potential trip to DC and the car insurance bill and a number of other very scintillating financial issues on the horizon, the extra cash won't hurt.

So there's all of that to do, and all I really feel up to is laying on the couch. Good thing Darren is making dinner tonight. I am slug. Watch me lounge.