Sunday, October 17, 2004

A quick run

So I surprised myself this morning by not only thinking about running, but actually getting up and doing it. I think I was inspired by a strong case of nerves or anxiety or something last night. We watched much of the Sox-Yankees game (sorry, Sox fans), then I crashed on the couch for a while. When I finally got up and went to bed, I was (of course) wide awake. I lay there for a while, listening to Darren's breathing, and felt the strongest urge to get up and run. Like there was a bunch of energy stored up inside me that I needed to get out. (Perhaps that day of domesticity wasn't as satisfying as I thought?)

So, this morning, I had just enough time before we met F. and S. for brunch to take a 25-minute run through the neighborhood. It was just cool enough for a little lung-burning, but at least it was sunny. Felt like crap, but the first run after a long break always does. I'm hoping to start going to the gym and running on the evil treadmill a few mornings a week; it's just too cold to bear running outdoors before 7 a.m.

Other procrastinated things we got out of the way today: Bought primer and paint for the garage and actually applied the primer to all of the trim that had already been scraped. I'm a little nervous about getting the trim done in time for the onset of Maine winter - you can't paint, according to the label, when it's below 50, and these days it's barely been getting to the high 50s. But Darren gets out of work early in the afternoon a few days a week, so if he can get the rest of the scraping and sanding done, we might be able to get at least the primer on before it gets too cold.

Also had a nice visit with my friend and her new baby. At five weeks, he is just a sweetie - over 10 pounds and cute as can be. He gave his impression of a model baby while we were there - eating for a bit, then conking out without a peep.

On the books for this afternoon: Plowing through the local Sunday paper - and trying to keep my blood pressure down as I read a story about the same damn people we're writing about in our edition next week - people who pitched me a story about themselves and conveniently failed to mention they were talking to the daily, too. I should have asked... but they should have known better, too. And then there's the Times; there's nothing like a good nap while reading the International section.