Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Things are put back together

Since I know you're all breathlessly waiting for an update on the state of the appliances around here, I will graciously acquiesce:

Everything is fixed.

For the dishwasher we had to pay a nice man $49 for approximately five minutes of work - that said, it was five minutes of work that neither Darren nor I would know how to do. So I guess it's worth it.

As for the car stereo? Mysteriously started working on the drive to the office yesterday morning, just after I blogged about it. If this turns out to be a pattern - I blog about something and then it's magically fixed - I will soon be writing about the sadly diminshed state of my bank account and my woeful work wardrobe.

On other topics... work has been relatively sane this week, despite our press deadline today on the Very Important Issue. I worked a lot last week - 55 hours, I think? - and I believe that in my panic, I completely overcompensated. So today, we're thinking we'll be done by 1 or 2 - at which point I will take my staff out to lunch and then order them not to enter the office again today - rather than our deadline of 7 pm. It feels a little funny to have everything so relaxed on press day, but I'm glad it's worked out this way.

As a result, last night I got home at the insanely early hour of 6 p.m. Darren and I took Rocky for a long walk around the neighborhood, which was lots of fun - we even met a very cute shih tzu relative of hers on a street we don't usually walk down. Then we came home and made dinner. I feel the need to redeem myself from Monday's kiddie food, so I'll report that we had grilled chicken, grilled squash and red pepper (marinated in olive oil, salt & pepper) and a lovely green salad with sungold tomatoes, cucumber, avocado and hon tsai tai, which our farmers describe as "a Chinese specialty green... with an extremely mild mustard taste."

Darren and I have been able to spend a bunch of time together this week - we've been coordinating well on the food duties, and we've gotten out for several long walks with Rocky. We haven't talked at all, really, about the Kid Thing, but it's sort of thrumming under the surface all the time. We're headed away for a long weekend on Friday - going to the Common Ground Fair, then to Mt. Desert Island to hike during the day and sleep in a fancy hotel at night through Monday. I imagine we'll do some more talking then; we've got a few hours of riding in the car, and lots of easy, unstructured time. My feeling is that we're going to go ahead with this, that the next 10 days of pills are the last. But we'll see what happens when we actually start talking...