Saturday, September 11, 2004

An Actual Running Post

Yes, it's true, Darren and I went for a run this morning. It was pathetically short - two miles or so - and pathetically slow - no, I am not going to say how slow! - but it felt GOOD. I've been in one of those sleep ruts lately where I'm only comfortable in positions that later hurt my neck/back - most likely due to all the Important Topics I've been pondering when I'm not working ridiculous hours. So I'm hoping that a little more exercise will get rid of some of the physical (and mental) tension, and help me sleep better. And, y'know, if the jeans also fit better, I wouldn't mind that, either.

It's a gorgeous, clear sunny day here today - so much like that terrible day three years ago. Somehow the clarity of the sky and the warmth of the sun make the memory of that horror so much harder to bear.