Wednesday, August 25, 2004

And the winner is...

Just a quick update this morning - we are going to press today, and my week has already been lengthy and stressful. But, in happier news, we found out yesterday afternoon that neither of us is a carrier for cystic fibrosis. We had an appointment with the genetic counselors Monday morning, and they were really wonderful. I guess I was expecting something akin to a doctor's appointment - rush 'em in, find out what's wrong, rush 'em out. But the genetic counselor talked to us at length, both about our families' medical history and cystic fibrosis itself. She, and the doctor of genetics who came in for the end of the appointment, were warm and empathetic.

AND they called me on my cell phone - as I'd requested - mid-afternoon yesterday with the results. Very nice. D. and I were far too tired to even discuss this last night, but I imagine we'll be talking more soon about our plans for the kiddies. My current pack of birth control pills runs out at the end of next week. I ordered more last week in case the test turned out to be positive for CF... and hoped I wouldn't need them.

Of course, I e-mailed my parents and my sister with the news - a very succinct message from work basically saying "the test was fine." My mom wrote back immediately - you could almost hear her panting in anticipation - "So, are you going to start trying to have a baby right away?"

This is exactly why I almost didn't tell them about all this. But with the CF coming from my dad's side of the family, I somehow felt it was important to let them know we were being tested. In any case, I wrote her back, asking her to please not write me about this topic at work. For one, no one at work, other than one close friend, knows we're even considering kids. And for another, my job gets so busy during the day that I really don't want to be distracted by being annoyed at my mom for pestering me about babies.

So that's one hurdle jumped. I've got tons more stuff I've been wanting to blog about - including a great book by Laurie Colwin that I just read - but time has been really limited. Tomorrow I leave for a work trip to extremely northern Maine, and then we've got guests for the weekend - S. and T. and 13-month-old C. We haven't seen them since I came down with an evil stomach flu in their little Brooklyn apartment in the spring. With one bathroom in the place - and it being right next to their bedroom - it's a good thing they're close friends. So, more to come as time allows.