Saturday, July 24, 2004

Poking around on Saturday

I am having the worst bout of procrastination right now. We've got friends coming in 90 minutes or so. The house is ready - clean enough, all the random Saturday morning chores done, laundry underway. But what is not done is the piece I need to write for work. It's short - 650 words. And it's pretty straightforward. And it really needs to get done if I'm to head into work with any kind of sanity on Monday. AND given how much I hate having work hanging over me on the weekend, it'd be really damn smart to knock this out before D. & A. get here. Plus, I've got my notes, got the PR materials, even got an open Word doc, named and saved and everything.

But I'll be damned if I can actually make myself settle down and write the thing. Part of that comes from the fact that I didn't really like the interview subject and I think his business is silly. Usually that sort of disdain makes the writing process fun, though.

Another part of the problem is that my mostly fabulous husband - who's in the living room watching Barbershop 2, an uncharacteristically lowbrow choice for him - dropped off a beer at the computer desk on his way toward the couch. I love the occasional Saturday afternoon beer. And sometimes it totally enhances the writing process. But today all it's doing is making me ponder the magazines that arrived in today's mail. Beer + wicker couch on the screened-in porch + new, frivolous magazine + shih tzu companion = bliss.

And then there's my total fascination w/ this here blog. I've been reading other blogs for months - one of the bajillions inspired by Julie/Julia... it just took me, oh, 12 months to get my act together and actually start this thing. So I've been thinkin' a lot about blog style and content and audience and... not writing my article. Hmm.

The other thing I didn't today was run. It's miserable here - gray, foggy/cloudy and very cool. Those happen to be the ideal conditions for me to run in, but it also makes a pretty darn good argument for installing software for the swanky new digital camera and, y'know, poking around. Plus, just as D. had gotten me to promise that I was almost done screwing around and was going to go put on running shoes, it started raining. And of course you can't run in the rain. Nosiree.

Ok, I just wrote 418 words in a matter of minutes. Surely I can get my work done if I just concentrate. Right?