Sunday, August 01, 2004


This morning, we ran the 10k, in a mild drizzle under overcast skies. It went about as well as can be expected when you're a mediocre runner - at best - who hasn't trained much. I finished in 1:11:22, which is about five minutes slower than last year. Nothing thrilling, but at least I got it done.

The race is a great one - 5,000 people, with tons of spectators along the way. The two years I've run it, the weather hasn't been great - I can't imagine what the crowds must be like when it's not raining. To have total strangers cheering for you is amazing. After about 3rd grade, when do you ever have random strangers rooting you on? It's really cool.

I walked for about 100 yards between miles 4 and 5 - my legs felt like wobbly bits of rubber, and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to finish. But that little rest was all it took - I made my way through the hills from mile 5 on without too much trouble. It definitely helped that D. was running with me. He could smoke this race if he wanted - he's a natural athlete, and he's fast. But he decided to run with me, which was cool. I tend to get surly when I run, and don't treat him very nicely - in part because I don't have much extra oxygen to speak with! - but he's learned that I don't mean anything by it.

Only weird thing was that I came very close to fainting after the race was over - we'd gotten our water, turned in our timing chips and were waiting in line at the food tent when my vision started to recede. I was looking at the ground, grabbing D's hand to keep me steady, and I started seeing weird, almost hallucinatory flashes in the grass. And when I looked up at the crowd and the sky, I couldn't really see them. Scary. But I finally decided to just sit in the grass for a few minutes, and everything leveled out. A nice guy let us back in line - after commenting on my face, which is typically BRIGHT red around the edges and totally pale on my cheeks, causing a nice funhouse effect - and we headed in for juice, a banana and a bagel.

I never really stretched like I usually do after a run, so I've been hobbling around the house all afternoon with sore ankles and heels. We did a quick trip to the grocery store, then lounged around all afternoon reading the paper and dozing. Very nice - except for the insane heat and humidity. I'm so grateful this weather held off until after the race - it woulda killed me. We're thinking about doing another 10k in September - by then, humidity shouldn't be much of an option.

On tap for tonight: "Happy" steaks, as my friend Robin calls naturally raised meat, and kale and potatoes from the farm. It's a long delayed meal - we ended up having pizza three times last week - and I'm looking forward to it. Then some soft-serve, and perhaps the beginning of what D. and I intend to be our own private documentary film festival. There are so many great ones out these days, and I'm woefully behind.