Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The vacation cold...

... typically hits while we are actually on vacation. Last year at this time I was sniffly and feverish in Quebec City; five years ago we were both stuffed up and achy on our honeymoon in Ireland. This year, we had a fantastic four days in Southwest Harbor - on Mt. Desert Island - with beautiful weather, an excellent hotel and lots of good food. And NO colds, no flus, not even a hint of indigestion. We hiked, we kayaked, we talked and we relaxed.

And then last night, about an hour after we'd gotten home, I started coughing - a deep, chest-y cough. I wrote it off to the end-of-vacation peanut butter ice cream I was sampling at the time. But this afternoon my throat started to hurt, and I realized that I've been blowing my nose an awful lot. While I was making dinner - a leek and fennel soup that turned out to be thin and unappetizing, despite the addition of cream (otherwise known as That Which Improves Everything) and a whole bunch of fresh potatoes - I started to feel really, really tired. Right now, I'm thinking that 9:15 really isn't too early to go to bed.

The good part, obviously, is that the cold didn't hit me while we were away on what was possibly the best vacation we've ever taken together. The bad part is that, of course, work is hellacious, and lots of it has piled up in my absence. This isn't a great week to come down with a cold.

Besides, there are tons of things I'd like to do here at home - download the photos from the trip, call my parents to tell them we're alive, blog about the fact that after Saturday I am birth-control-free(!), catch up on my blog-reading, watch Mean Girls with Darren - but I think I'm going to wrap this up and head for bed. And, yes, I took some echinacea and vitamin C.