Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Da doo run run run

Ok, I think that's a Beach Boys song, but in addition it's what I am going to do tomorrow, so help me Jebus.

That's right, you heard it here first: tomorrow morning, I AM GOING TO THE GYM. Where I will run on the hated treadmill. But I will try to be happy about the lovely iPod my fabulous husband bought me for Christmas last year, which will allow me to tune out the lousy music that they play too softly (I know, I know -- but if I'm forced to listen to Lionel Richie, can't I at least hear the words??). And I will try not to frown when I see myself, all red-faced and sweaty, in the millions of square feet of mirrors that line the place. AND I will even be nice and polite to the many lawyers who frequent my gym in the morning.

Ok, maybe that last one is pushing it a little too far.

I haven't run in several weeks. It's gotten too cold for a wimp like me to run outdoors in the morning, and I just haven't been able to make the transition to the gym. But I came home from work today like a ball of fury, all pent up and firy (firey?) when Darren put the baking dish containing the pork tenderloin w/ garlic and rosemary in the oven the WRONG WAY. It was horizontal, can you believe it? Who would put a pan in the oven horizontally, especially when they KNEW their insane stressball of a wife would ANY MINUTE want to put another baking pan full of lovely delicata squash in next to it? Who, I ask you????

So, yeah, I gotta get some of this angst out somewhere else than in the house.

Especially since - did I mention this? - I have been roped into participating in a benefit fashion show next week. I am wearing a probably very chic but somewhat wacky poncho/hat thing made by a local fiber artist. She thinks I am a total dweeb, and I think she is right. Our conversation at the fitting this afternoon, about what I will wear with the poncho/hat thing, went like this:

Artist: What do you have for shoes?
MC: Many, many pairs of black ones, and some sneakers.
Artist: [frown]
MC: Oh! And some conservative brown ones!!
Artist: Hmm, maybe you can go barefoot. Ok, what about wide-legged, loose pants? Something blue or green?
MC: Uh, no.
Artist: What kind of shirts do you have?
MC: Umm, buttondowns---
Artist: [firmly] NO BUTTONDOWNS.
MC: Some long-sleeved t-shirts, turtlenecks...
Artist: [Glares]
Artist: How about a long, flowy skirt?
MC: Umm, I don't really wear skirts much. [Which is a lie, sort of. But it's becoming clear that she won't like my skirts. Or anything else.]
Artist: Maybe you can fit into my clothes.
MC: [Of course, because I am a little tiny fashionable twig, just like you.] AAAAACK.
Artist: Can you bring some earrings? Some big, chunky, fashionable ones?
MC: Maybe they didn't explain to you - I edit a business magazine? So my clothes? Are pretty boring.
Artist: [wearily] Ok, I'll bring earrings, too. I'll just bring a whole shitload of stuff on Thursday morning and we'll find something that works.

Can you imagine how much I'm looking forward to this? (Let alone how much she's anticipating it.) Reportage to follow.