Thursday, November 18, 2004

Instructions for the fashion show

1. Champagne cures whatever ails you.

2. Dressing up in ridiculous clothes makes it easy to make friends with anyone else who is dressed in ridiculous clothes.

3. Ignore the bitchy hair and makeup ladies.

4. Always be dressed by a cynical, jaded artist who will mutter under her breath about the conformist, boring, stupid fashions worn by everyone else, and tell you how much you fucking rock.

5. Going to a high-priced benefit isn't always boring and hateful.

6. Talk to people you've always wanted to meet but never had the nerve to. (See no. 1.)

7. Don't forget to charge the batteries in the digital camera. (Yep, we have no pictures. I would've posted them, too...)

8. Pushup bra + halter top = instant cleavage.

9. Working on Friday is a terrible idea. (See no. 1.)

10. Sleep.