Monday, January 08, 2007

Wanted: Motivation

I got one of my two freelance stories done over the weekend. The other was not even touched due to (pick your villain): the transition of Ess' stomach bug from one presenting with vomiting to one in which diarrhea was the main symptom; the endless hours of football on view in my house yesterday; the time-consuming, strange yet tasty dinner I made; a viewing of Little Miss Sunshine (verdict: not bad, but not as good as all the hype).

So now I am supposed to be working on the other one, which I started back before Christmas. Of course, Ess is supposed to be napping now, instead of crying in her crib. And the frickin' dog is supposed to be sleeping quietly rather than whining along with Ess. And I am supposed to be looking diligently at Word documents, rather than futzing about on teh Internets.

But I suck at getting Ess down for naps. (Note: I am not asking for advice here, just venting.) D is the champion at this task; I don't believe he's ever had her cry it out at naptime. I think it's my lack of patience that does me in... I am probably too eager to get her down in the first place, and then not diligent enough about getting her settled before I give up in frustration.

Of course, frustration is easier to come by after a lousy night's sleep. And, yes, that's what we're back to around here. Ess slept remarkably well after the vomiting episode Saturday; she went down at 7 and didn't wake until 3 am. Of course, she woke up again at 5:15 with the most horrific diarrhea-filled diaper I have ever changed, but then she went back to sleep until 8:30, as did I.

Last night wasn't so hot, in part because our normal night-time nursing rules (not before midnight, not until 3 am if she's nursed at 12) have been suspended due to her illness. So I wasted a lot of time waffling about what to do when she woke at 11:30, rather than getting right up and nursing her, which is what I did eventually... and then for whatever reason she couldn't get back to sleep after she nursed at 5-something. So I am tired. And lacking in inspiration.

But in the process of writing this, Ess has fallen asleep. The dog has stopped whining. And my delicious pot of half-caf has finished brewing. So I am off to the wonderful world of tips for small-business owners for as long as this nap persists. Still, if you find a little motivation lying around, send it my way.